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40 Pan Convection Steamer Oven

Model: COA1040

Anvil’s 40 pan Convection Oven is especially designed for large capacity

venues, advanced steamer function offers flexibility for roasting and steaming applications in one unit.

Solid Top Gas Oven

Model: COA3003

The Solid Top gas stove and gas oven is suitable for many kitchen and cooking applications. The robust construction coupled with gas as an energy source

ensure that the unit is ideal for use in remote places without access to


Solid Top Electric Oven

Model: COA4003

Anvil’s Solid Top Electric Oven combines the versatility of a solid top stove with the accuracy of a forced draught electric oven in one unit.


Model: FFA6003

"These Deep Fat Fryers are designed to create a delicious variety of crisp fried food with minimum fuss. Delight your customers with french fries, chicken, fish, seafood, etc."

Multi Function Warming Cabinet

Model: MFW0011

Anvil’s Multifunction Warmer Cabinet is ideal for providing hot meals in large

quantity’s at big venues. Fan assisted, insulated convection heating system and mobility ensure no-one is disappointed

Vertical Bun Toaster

Model: VTA0001

The Anvil Vertical Toaster is designed for fast and efficiently contact toasting buns with independently adjustable thicknesses for heel and crown.