Gas Stove / Oven 4 Plate - Apex

Model: COA3004


This product is suitable for large restaurants, pubs and hotels.


•         Heavy duty burners that are removable for cleaning purposes

•         High performance burners for optimum

•         The oven can accommodate 4 gastronorm pans

•         Supplied with a wired shelf

•         COA3006 and COA6004 have warming cupboards that are heated by the heat generated by the ovens

•         COA6004 is designed with a high performance flat top griller


The high performance unit is ideal for busy kitchens as the powerful burners can support extreme measures.

• 4 x 26000BTU BTU top burners

• 15700 BTU oven burner

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Description Gas Stove / Oven 4 Plate
Dimensions (mm) (W x D x H) 700x750x900
Box Dimns (mm) (W x D x H) 800x900x1050
Cooking Chamber 560 x 630 x 285
Packed Weight (kg) 171
Output (BTU) 119700
Supplied with Regulator NO

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